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Ballroom and Latin American dance lessons in the center of Milan. With over 300 locations worldwide, Arthur Murray has been teaching dancing for over 100 years! At Arthur Murray Milan, we have lessons suitable for every level, even if you have never danced a step in your life, you don't have a partner or you want to create your own wedding dance.

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Why choose Arthur Murray Milan

We love beginners

Have you never danced in your life? Do you consider yourself a complete beginner? All right! Helping you learn is what we're here for!

Different benefits

Our courses are designed for you! We know that everyone learns at their own pace, which is why we have lessons for every experience level.

More than a lesson

We offer so many social nights for you to practice your new skills, meet other dancers and make friends along your dance journey!

Rockstar teachers

All of our teachers are among the best in the industry. They are passionate, talented, dedicated and LOVE to dance.

We are a community

Short content about your Arthur Murray Milano promotes a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where everyone is always welcome.

Walk in, dance out®

What do we do

Which dances do we teach

From the elegant waltz to the sexy samba, from the cheeky cha-cha to the romantic Argentinian, at Arthur Murray Milano you can find all styles of dance. Learn to dance on the floor with the characteristic fluid movements of ballroom dancing and get more rhythm through Latin dances.

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What can you find

Dance programs

Don't have a partner? No problem! We'll pair you with one of our talented Arthur Murray Milano instructors, so you'll learn with an experienced dancer right from the start. By attending classes, groups and social events, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

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How we teach

Our method

Arthur Murray Dance Studios has spent nearly a century finding the most effective teaching methods to help our students progress as quickly as possible. You can proceed through the levels at your own pace, based on your desire, goals, commitment and interest.

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New Students

Start dancing today!

What to expect during your first lesson

After answering a few questions about your goals, aspirations and what you would like to look like, you will be guided through some basics by one of our highly trained instructors. You will start learning to dance from the first lesson and will leave with an action plan for subsequent sessions.

Send us your details and we'll help you get started.

Our Students says



"We choreographed the first dance as newlyweds and we had a great time! They had a lot of patience, they took us through one piece at a time, helping us find the right dance for our music, also doing the mashup. Thank you very much Francesca and Daniel for the incredible experience (you are very good teachers) and Raffaele for creating a perfect mashup! Highly recommended"


"The most beautiful dance school in Milan!!! The room is beautiful, the dancers are extraordinary, very professional and welcoming. An opportunity to learn to dance, train and have a lot of fun! I wholeheartedly recommend it to all those who are looking for a way to keep fit and make new friends! W Arthur Murray School! Thank you"


“Dance school like no other in Milan. Fun, professional and exclusive. Young and trained teachers follow you with care and attention, also transmitting light-heartedness and joy."


You are unique: very good. You have a contagious freshness and enthusiasm. You are a medicine of good humor. Thank you, your teaching technique is a winner. Congratulations, you won't be getting rid of me anytime soon.


"In just 6 lessons they helped us prepare the dance for our wedding. A success 👏. Thank you"


"A wonderful experience, a fairytale ballroom, very friendly and highly trained staff. I recommend everyone to stop by... and dance!"


Sublime experience!!! Professionalism is a term that reigns supreme in this school once you enter the Arthur Murray school!

Murray Towel: useful, resistant and comfortable

It is the ideal product to always carry with you when you dance.

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Blue color, it is easy to store in your bag

Shoop the look

KATHRYN (Tessuto Nero / Arthur Murray Logo® Oro) - Arthur Murray Milano AreaKATHRYN (Tessuto Nero / Arthur Murray Logo® Oro) - Arthur Murray Milano Area
HONOLULU (Grigio Lucido / Rete a Maglie Nere) - Arthur Murray Milano AreaHONOLULU (Grigio Lucido / Rete a Maglie Nere) - Arthur Murray Milano Area


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“The hardest step you will learn will be the first, through our door.” - K. Murray

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